Pioneer Village


Restoration Guidelines

The preference of the Friends of Beaver Creek State Park is to make restorations historically accurate during our preservation and restoration projects. Sometimes if the restoration can extend longevity and improve safety of the item or provide additional safety to the public, some projects may not follow historic methods. However, these adaptations will not be used if they detract from the historic nature of the item.


Future Projects


Projects Completed In 2012:

Projects Completed In 2014:

Projects Completed In 2015:


replacement water wheel


new bridge roof


new snake fence


New Steps


Gaston’s Mill Running Stone Spindle Footstep Bearing Replacement

In October 2012, Club members disassembled the operating grinding stones and drive mechanisms to repair a failed footstep bearing (1). The footstep bearing is used to support the stone spindle (2) that drives the runner stone (3) in the process of grinding of grains and corn at Gaston’s Mill.

Members found that the shaft had been supported by a typical automobile wheel bearing which likely had been in place since the circa 1830 refurbished mill began operating once again in 1971. The bearing had totally failed nearly beyond recognition. (No photo is available.) The stone spindle that drives the running stone is shown in photo #1. In the disassembly process it was discovered that the neck bearing (4) shown in photo #2, had fallen prey to one of the most abundant and damaging insects found in the pioneer village, the powder post beetle. (5) This meant that the club had to procure a replacement.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Dave Norris and crew of PWS Welding and Manufacturing, East Liverpool, Ohio, for all the work they put in overlaying the spindle shaft with stainless material and required machining to run in their shop deigned and machined high quality bearing support system that uses Thordon engineered polymer material. See Photo #3

A BIG THANK YOU also goes out to Mark Hissom of Hissom Roofing and Construction Co. East Liverpool, Ohio for machining a new neck bearing. See photo #4 This neck bearing is made from the wood of an Osage Orange tree that came down within Beaver Creek State Park about three years ago.

  1. Footstep Bearing – The thrust bearing that is held in the bridging box.
  2. Stone Spindle – The iron shaft which supports the runner stone and carries the runner stone nut.
  3. Runner Stone – The upper or moving stone in a pair of millstones.
  4. Neck Bearing – Wood or metal bearing in center of bed stone.
  5. Powder Post Beetle – A group of seventy species of wood boring beetles.
  6. Bed Stone – Lower or stationery stone in a pair of millstones.



Barn Retaining Wall Repairs

The stone retaining wall, that runs along the south side of the barn, leading into the pavilion, finally gave way to 138 years weather. The wall was leaning outward becoming a safety concern. The Ohio State Parks Northern Construction Div. performed the work which included; removing the stones, installing a gravel footer, a drainage system and adding an additional layer of stones. The wall is now ready for another 138 years of service.